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¬†Hair Dryer is used by a huge population worldwide, mostly women. But they don’t really know how it is made, what it is made of and how it works. What most knowledgeable ones know about hairdryer is: It is an electromechanical hair drying machine. It also known as a blow dryer and is used to dry hair as well as in some hairstyle procedures. Well there are other things which the users of hairdryer might not know.

The first hair dryer was invented by French stylist , Alexander Godefroy in 1890 but it was not portable or handheld, typical of those early inventions we can say. Hairdryers are comfortable hair appliances with a simple framework. Hairdryers are built up from many parts, the essentials of which are: a heat source and a fan to blow. There are different varieties, shape-wise, but mechanics are the same.

Working Mechanism of Hair Dryer :

1– Coiled metal wire and a fan blade connected with a motor, which is the source of heat. The fan blade is used to blow air across a heating coil. As air passes through the metal coil it heats up. When warm air reaches wet hair it speeds up the water evaporation.

2– The coiled nichrome wire is used as the heating element in dryers, wrapped around the mica insulator. Also, nichrome is a poor conductor of electricity so it does not oxidize when heated.

3– The heating element used in modern hair dryers can produce up to 2000 watts of heat energy. A hairdryer is a shaped like a plastic shell gun (durable, yet light-weight), plastic shell holds multiple electrical components, the handle of the gun contains the switch apparatus and controls to operate it. The fan and motor are in the central part of the dryer, next to the motor is air intake inlet (covered with mesh metal) to prevent objects from accidentally getting tangled with a fan. A thermal fuse is put into electrical circuitry. The fuse has a metal strip that melts if the temperature exceeds a certain amount. This breaks the circuit and cuts the power source to the dryer. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is placed to sense how much current is flowing through the circuit and shut it off in case of short-circuiting.

Further technological improvements are focused on making hair-dryers run more quietly and easier to hold and operate. Possibly, technological breakthrough might result in some differently mechanized hair-dryers, because science never stops.

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