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The link between fashion and technology is due to the blent of literature. In 2019 this concept started, when a Malaysian company launched the theme “when fashion meets technology.” Soon different companies picked up this trend and started working on this latest trend.

The concept emerges from wearable music players to LED necklaces and then to wearing clothes with wires and sensors. 2019 was the year of collaboration of fashion and technology. In 2020, costumers are demanding fabric with modern technologies.

The concept of fashion meets technology extends to change everything in business and clothes to innovation in production and design.

 Technology enhances the level of fashion. Based on a report published by the Cientifica Research in 2016, textile industry look forward to improve technology. By 2022, nanotechnology in the textile industry will be a $3.5-billion possibility for wearables, comprising half of the total textile market. The future of fashion will be more than just covering yourself and conveying a sense of dressing.

The use of 3D printing to create clothes is evolving. To make intricate and exciting clothes, while using 3D technology. With freedom on the customization side. 

The Dutch designer, in her 2010 collection termed as “Crystallization,” was the first to send 3-D garments.

The best 3-D clothes project are:

3-D printing regular clothes:

This idea was generated by Julia Daviy to create regular or biodegradable clothes. She believes that through this, we can change the way we produce clothes.

The 3D printed comfortable dress:

Every customer wants comfortable clothes. Designers compromise on comfortable clothes because this is not their goal. Jessica Rosenkrantz creates a dress for her model that is comfortable and perfectly fits on her body. Furthermore, 3D printing is perfect to make several emphases for these kinds of dress, to be sure that they acknowledge correctly to the movements of the model.

Multicolor 3D printing for garments:

This dress is made up of 30 different sections. It has been painted with multi-color material.

Fashion with modern technology includes GPS tracking jewellery and zero waste.

Advanced Fashion Technology

GPS tracking Jewelry:

People federate GPS tracking Jewelry with perpetrators, but a San Francisco company brings this jewelry to market, from where it is available for anyone. This company produces bracelets, watches, key chains, pendants, and much more. These are not only beautiful but enhances your safety as well.

GPS tracking jewelry enables you to not only look fashionable but also ensures your security. An American company introduced bags with lighted interior and a USB connection to charge your phone. Through a fusion of fashion and technology, you ensure your safety, as well as this solves the problem of simplest thing that is cellphone charging.

Concept Of Zero waste :

Zero waste refers to the clothing item with no wastage of fabric. Indian technologist and fashion designer developed a technology called (DPOL) Direct Panel On Loom. This technology consists of loom connected to different computers and produces fit clothes, instead of cutting and then making the fabric. This technology helps you to make the right and fit shape clothes.

DPOL process generates no fabric waste for no fabric is cut in this process. It saves your time and money as well. In the United States of America, the inclination to unite technology and fashion is emerging. And, the result of this blending by academies and designers is exceptional. Many institutions offer courses on wearable technology and computer. The two most common of them are (FIT) Fashion Institute of Technology and (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Although technology and fashion industry are collaborating and are creating very useful stuff, but the impact of technology on the fashion industry is disruptive.

Famous brands face significant agitation because of media and technology. In the past, fashion trends from high end distilled down to the low end then to mass fashion. High-end fashion brands are trend settlers and the others follow the trend. Now, everyone in the fashion industry sets its fashion. Technology is changing everything. High-end fashion magazines and luxury brands have no longer absolute power.

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