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Seven Planes Of Existence
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The universe or cosmos, or what we call as ‘Brahmand’ in Hindi, has its own mysteries. It comprises of various seen & unseen life forms such as plants, trees, crystals, mountains, humans, animals and all the other forms of matter & energy. Each form is a wonder in its own unique way. And when we talk about them in the terms of energy, each form has its own vibration,vibrating at a particular frequency.There are seven planes of existence. Each of it has its own vibrations.The frequency of vibration is what makes the planes & its inhabitants different from each other. Each plane has its own healing abilities & its modalities. Each plane represents physical & emotional aspects of a human body. If there is a perfect balance,there is a perfect health. Any imbalance can cause physical & emotional ailments.

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The first plane of existence:

This plane consists of all non-organic materials present on the earth. It consists of everything in its raw form such as, minerals,crystals,rock,soil, gemstones, etc. If we are unable to absorb minerals, there is an imbalance in us related to the first plane & it leads to mineral deficient related diseases such as arthritis & osteoporosis. There will also be lack of emotional support in our life. Crystal healers use this plane of existence to do the healing.

The second plane of existence:

This plane consists of organic material, namely vitamins, plants, trees, etc. Vitamin symbolizes the feeling of being loved and nourished well. If the body is not absorbing them, it creates imbalance related with the second plane. Thereby resulting in the feeling of lack of love and lack of nourishment in the body.

The third plane of existence:

This plane is the plane of protein based life-forms. It is where humans and animals exist. It is here where we learn through our experiences about how to control our body, thoughts & our feelings.This plane is a school where we learn, grow, evolve and go forward to the fifth plane. If the body lacks protein, it also tends to lack emotional nurturing.

The fourth plane of existence:

This plane is a realm of spirits,commonly known as the ‘spirit world’. It is here where our ancestors reside and are waiting and learning to evolve and go to the fifth plane. Any imbalance with this plane causes lack of energy. Healers such as shamans use spirits for healing purpose related to this plane.

The fifth plane of existence:

This is the plane of angels, ascended masters & gurus such as Jesus Christ, Buddha and many others. This plane is also divided further into different levels of vibrations. Imbalance related to this plane causes lack of spiritual balance.

The sixth plane of existence:

The sixth plane of existence is the plane of laws. There are laws that governs our whole universe and the living beings and energy forms residing in first, second, third, fourth & fifth plane. These are laws of governance, the law of medicines, the law of truth, the law of attraction and many other that we hear about in our daily lives. Healers using this plane will heal using geometrical shapes, numbers & occult sciences such as astrology & numerology. Any imbalance related to this plane will cause lack of spiritual structure.

The seventh plane of existence:

This is the plane of the Creator of all, that is the energy which has created each and everything that is present in the universe. This is the place of pure wisdom. And the truest essence of unconditional love lies here. It is here where we come into realization that we are not separate from God, but a part of his very own creation. As the energy of the seventh plane creates other planes, healers working from this plane utilize the energy of other planes without being bounded by any oaths & commitments to them.

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All these planes are interconnected with each other. Many people do healing by merging the planes together. For Instance,when a doctor performs a surgery, he, himself, being a third plane inhabitant uses the law of cause & effect from the sixth plane, anesthesia & antibiotics from the second plane & surgical equipments made out of the materials from the first plane.

We, the humans, are a part of minerals because we are made of it. Again, we are a part of plant kingdom because we consume it. We are a part of animal kingdom because we all have a body. Same way, we all are a part of spirit realm because we all have a spirit. We all live under universal laws, so we are connected to the sixth plane as well. And, as all these are made up of the seventh plane energy, we are also the part of the seventh plane. Therefore, all the planes exist all together in our body. We have the whole universe within us. So lets admire the life that we have & self-heal ourselves by coming into the realization of who we are and how empowered we are. 

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