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Since the beginning of the era of industrialization, we saw an increase in the amount of greenhouse effect on Earth. Due to greenhouse gases, the global temperature is increasing day by day. In various forms, human activities caused air pollution and degradation of the environment.    

But however, implementation of lockdown due to increase in the number of coronavirus patient has not only been helpful in the reduction of air pollution but it has also given the Earth, time to heal itself.

We are mostly talking about the negative impact of COVID-19, but forget that every coin has two sides. 

The Earth is finally healing!

Air quality around the world is much improved. Less traveling by people and closed industries have significantly helped in decreasing air pollution levels. If we look behind, the situation before the coronavirus pandemic was worst. Most of us had difficulty in breathing, due to highly polluted air conditions. Nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant originates by the combustion of engines, its level dropped down in Spain during the first week of lockdown.An estimated 50% decrease in the emission of Nitrogen oxides occurs in East China.


Reduction in greenhouse gases have helped the holes in ozone layer to reduce.

Now, what is the Ozone layer?
The ozone layer is a colorless gas layer around the Earth, that absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiations are cancer-causing and can damage body cells. 
For the past few years, chemical reactions from the Earth have caused the ozone layer to deplete. And this is all because of air pollution.The biggest hole in the ozone layer in the northern hemisphere has finally closed. A report published by shows that in this pandemic the use of energy is interrupted. Lockdown cuts Carbon emission by 5% of the 2019 global total. Coronavirus crisis is so far triggering the annual fall in Carbon dioxide in 2020. 

 Another positive impact of COVID 19 is, it is improving the quality of water in rivers and canals. The water in the canals of Venice has been cleared and experienced greater visibility of fish water flow. 

It has been clarified by the Mayor’s office Venice, the increase in the clarity of the water is due to decrease in air pollution. In this regard, reduction of water traffic plays an important role. This is also because of the lack of tourists.

Some animals have been spotted on streets in different cities, due to travel restriction and lockdown.A German scientist Ranier Froese said that the fish biomass will increase due to the sharp decline in fishing, and projected that in European waters, some fish such as herring could double their biomass. As of April 2020, signs of aquatic recovery remain mostly anecdotal.

Gabonese Republic, ban the human consumption of animals like pangolins or bats, to stop the spread of diseases caused by animals. As the thought behind is, that the novel coronavirus has been transmitted through animals.


COVID 19 is undoubtedly doing severe global damage related to mental health, physical health, health services, lives, and on jobs. It is making the year 2020 worst than one could have actually imagined. With growing number of patients and death rate everyday, it is also obvious for us to consider the impact of COVID-19 as no good for us

But if we try to look at the situation from another perspective, then it is good for our Mother Earth. This pandemic is giving the Earth time to heal itself after so much destruction that it has taken upon itself due to human activities. It’s good that our Earth is finally under the process of recovery.

Stay home, Stay Safe. 
We will defeat this pandemic soon.

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