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Social media is a means of sharing information, talents, career interests, beliefs, and ideas with people all over the world through different medium of platforms.
Use of social media
As we all know the importance of social media, It has become an essential part of our life and nearly everyone depends on it.
Some people use it for promoting their business, some use it to do work. It can also be used earn money through various ways. While some other people use it for entertainment purposes. The majority of people are trying to use it to earn money because it is easier. The perk of not getting dressed and being your own boss; great perk to earning a livelihood.

Some top social media app

There are tons of social apps that are offering several amazing services. Here are some trending apps that we all use. Through these apps we can enhance our business, learn new skills, share our beliefs, ideas, talents, and other stuff with people all over the world.

● Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest and perhaps the best communication platforms. Here people share their talents with other people, discover new things, get to know each other better, and see other people stuff.

● YouTube

YouTube is also a great and one of the oldest video sharing platform of every generation. It provides information related to anything you search for. People can learn unique skills that they always wanted to learn. Many people earn money from you tube by sharing their content with the audience.

● Instagram

Instagram is relatively a communication platform where people share their stuff effortlessly in the form of photos and videos. It has become a rapidly growing online media platform in the past few years. Influencers, with a huge number of followers use Instagram for marketing and earn money from it.

● Snapchat

Snapchat is also an outlet that enables people to share pictures, videos, and text with other people. Millennials in recent years, are rapidly using current online medium of platforms such as this modern app. Snapchat is becoming the more used app as compared to Facebook. Snapchat is more unique than other apps, it erases messages some seconds after they have been sent.

The world of Social Media

Effects of social media:

As with all the benefits, it has its disadvantages too. In this era of technology and depleting connection, people are constantly on their phones, laptops, computers updating statuses, posting pictures, liking each other’s posts, texting their friends. Keeping life perfect online has made them so busy that they don’t have time for their household and not even for themselves in the offline mode of life.

The constant pressure of having a wonderful presentable life over the internet has put up a negative impact especially on youth mental health. It has caused them many problems like depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, bullying, loneliness, fear of missing out, etc. It has also disturbed their sleeping patterns. To avoid all these issues, we need to step back from what is affecting our mental health and spend less time in building our lives on the internet for a limited period instead of spending all our time on it.

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