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We all know that in order to reach a destination, we need to begin first. But what will happen when we have begun but don’t know where to go or what the destination is? Presently students, and future of our nation, are not sure what they want to achieve.


It is one of the major reasons why students can’t decide what they want to do. Sometimes many students just back out. Some students know what they want to do but they don’t know how to achieve it. Either they don’t know the procedure or they don’t understand it. So, they leave it and follow what everyone else does. Choosing subjects after high school is one of the most common example. It is the initial step from where a student should start his journey towards his goal but he is unable to decide because he don’t know about the future possibilities in any particular field. 


Parents often force their children to do what they think is right. In most of the cases, the child ends up doing what his parents want them to do. Most basic example is – parents force their kids to opt sciences after high school. They don’t bother to ask their child if he/she wants to pursue something else. Parents don’t let their kids to go in the field of their interest.They invest plenty of money on their school fee &tuition fee without bothering to know what the child likes to follow. Thus, forcing their ideologies on the child. With no choice left, the child studies and try to find a job as soon as they complete their education.

Parents, on other hand, often try to stop their kids from getting involved in sports and cultural activities. They think these fields don’t guarantee a good career and is a distraction to the kid’s studies.


We all know that most of the time, in school or college, we study just for grades and not for knowledge. No one bothers to make students understand the real meaning of education. Why are we getting educated? Filling answer sheets with imaginary stories, submitting assignments which we don’t even know thoroughly. Most of the time these assignments are from the internet. How will students be able to decide what they want to do when they get everything solelyfrom the internet? And obviously the present generation always finds shortcuts, rather than doing it the right way.


Luxury of the outer world often end up distracting most of the students. Especially the ones who have come far from home to pursue their further education. They end up enjoying the life and forget to focus on their career and education.

Hormonal imbalance is yet another issue in growing children as they start involving themselves in relationships and bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. at a very early age, when they actually have to focus on their career. This way they end up losing many great opportunities.


Most of the time, in an Indian middle class family, students don’t want to take risk and invest in something which is not common in our society i.e. fashion designing, painting, etc. They are not confident enough to make a bold move and make a career out of it.They come across many questions like, what if they fail in getting a job. What will people say? Etc.


While talking about opportunity, let’s begin with the children living in villages. They don’t have a school building, sufficient instruments and most of the time they don’t have efficient teachers. It doesn’t mean that thousands of these children don’t want a better life but they are helpless as they can’t afford better schools and their future is already lost. The others who have all the facilities always hesitate to grab opportunities and always have excuses.


Beginning with children living in slums, we can see that most of them become habitual of that environment and don’t want to come out of that environment. Due to the family’s financial conditions could be bad that they are forced to working at an early age and so they end up working at the same level throughout their life. Those students who comes from rich families never worry about their future as they inherit business from their parents or their future is well planned by their parents which fortunately or unfortunately will be imposed on them. A few of them get involved in other illegal activities to become rich early and end up destroying their career.


In many other cases, it is found that students don’t want to go away from their home town so they choose to do whatever job is found in their hometown. It is observed that many students back out from a good opportunity as they choose what their friends are selecting.


  • Making students aware of available options during school days so that they could choose their subjects accordingly.
  • They should not be forced to make a particular choice and should be set free to choose what interests them the most, then they would enjoy what they do and do it to the best of their ability.
  • Parents should talk to their children frequently about what is going on in their lives or if they are facing any problem.
  • Comparison by parents ought be avoided as they are meant to be the most important support system of a child.
  • Projects & Assignments submitted by students must be taken seriously.
  • The only way to become confident about something is to have a complete knowledge of it. Hence, students should acquire proper knowledge in the field of their interest.
  • Most of the students miss opportunities as they are not aware of it. So, students should be active and updated about upcoming events.
  • To avoid distractions, students need to spend more time in doing something that could help them reach their goal. By doing so they can reduce the time wasted.
  • Seminars should be organized from time to time to make students aware. The importance of utilizing the time in doing something fruitful is a basic trait a student should know. Students ought to know as how their future would be if they waste time.

When we start doing something which is necessary, we eventually stop doing what is unnecessary. Students should focus on their studies and try to explore options they have. Parents should give time to their children so that they don’t get distracted. It’s never too early to start building your career. Students should always have a helping hand & given proper guidance every step of their way to build a fruitful career.

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