Lost and Found
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This story will explain life’s definition from my view point and few factors that make us grow in our life.According, to me life is the essence of human existence. Life teaches us a lot of lessons. Now I am going to describe an instance from my life. THE STORY OF A YOUNG LADY My name is Pallavi , and I was born in United Kingdom but brought up in Mauritius.…

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How to create killer content that will attract backlinks

A successful SEO strategy requires two elements. First, excellent link building and second creative content. Apart from that, there is another element that needs to be kept in mind, that is backlinks. Backlinks or inbound links are used to connect a web site to your web page or site. They are known to be called “vote of confidence” and are the most valuable factors for SEO. When there would be…

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Embrace Your Beauty

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Each one of us is beautiful in their own way, therefore never be insecure about your aesthetics and don’t follow any societal beauty standards. Until you are smiling, you are the most beautiful creature on Earth as smiling person is always the most charming one. What matters the most is that are you comfortable in your own skin? As no cosmetic…