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Marketing automation is a software that systematizes the action of campaigns such as social media, emails, blog post etc. Marketing campaigns use this to make the job easier and less time taking. As a result marketing campaigns get creative in generating the results. There was the time of 1980s when marketing automation was only for powerful and rich businessman or politicians. This was because it was very expensive and was affordable by rich people only. But if we look at the present day scenario it is totally different from what it was at that time.

However due to rise of third party supplier and development of technology over recent years the marketing automation is rising rapidly. This is because it has become quite cheap as compared to the past times. And also the third party supplier are giving marketer extra benefits in it. Now companies are also investing in it as they saw the benefits and growth of some other companies through it. In 2018 49% of companies had invested in it and got a positive response in return. Nowadays 80 to 90% companies are investing in marketing automation and are growing rapidly.

Importance of it

There are many benefits of marketing automation like, it adds value to your business by keeping your company relevant and growing in the competitive market. The importance of it are as follows

Time consumption  Campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time in simple words we can say you can channel your working hours into other projects.

Increase productivity- Marketing automation frees up your marketing team time from repetitive task and gives them time to brainstorm new ideas and boost productivity in other areas. And in this way it benefits a lot in the matter of productivity.



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