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What is the difference between Internet and IoT?

What is Internet? It is a large number of computers, connected together for communication. Human activities are responsible for this communication. Not even two computers/devices can communicate without human interaction.

On the other hand IoT devices are connected to the internet or a private network. But they communicate without direct human interaction. Sensors also play a very big role in the functioning of IoT.

Take a look at these IoT examples, when you visit a utility store, a mall or a restaurant, you notice that doors open automatically. Also, in a smart home, when the temperature changes by itself or when you turn on your AC through your mobile it is done through IoT.

History of IoT:

IoT is a direct machine to machine interaction. Early examples of IoT are from the 1980s. A Coca Cola machine, at Carnegie Melon University. This machine was able to tell if the drink is available or not. The term IoT was introduced by Kevin Ashton in 1999. From than onwards IoT started to become an important part of our daily lives.

What is IoT platform?

IoT platform provides pre-defined features that speeds up application of devices connected within the IoT universe.

When we talk about its connectivity with the devices, IoT platform is also known as middleware. It takes care of everything happening between the hardware and the application layer.

IoT Applications:

There are many applications of IoT, but we’ll discuss only a few important of them here.

Smart Home:

Everyone wishes to perform their tasks magically. Like opening doors, setting temperature, turning on the air conditioner. Well, by the help of IoT it is not a myth anymore. It is also reported that a smart home is the most searched IoT application. More and more companies are investing in it. It is also predicted that smart homes will become as common as smartphones.


These are also very common in IoT. Wearables can be smartwatches or fitness trackers, or a device which may detect glucose level in your body. A huge amount of people wait every year for the release of Apple smartwatch. Companies like Google and Samsung have also invested a huge amount in it.

Smart cities:

Smart city makes a city more comfortable. Like we don’t have to go and turn on and off the street lights manually. Also, when you are informed in a metro bus or train about the coming station it is happening due to IoT. Governments of the present day are investing to make the cities smarter and smarter.

Smart Farming:

IoT is also being deployed in agriculture. Due to the increase in food supply, governments are helping farmers to adopt modern techniques. IoT is helping farmers in moisture detection, water usage for plants and in deciding a particular fertilizer.

Auto Cars:

In future we might be able to see fully automated vehicles. We’ll just have to sit and start the car. These cars will automatically inform us about their issues. Many brands like Tesla, Google, Apple are working on it, to give life to this next generation of automobiles.

Future of IoT:

It is told by the experts that there is going to be a flood of IoT devices. It said that there will be 21 billion IoT devices by 2025. For the current year that is 2020, they say that all four major components of IoT will be achieved. These components are Model, Sensors, Networks and Analytics. IoT is the future. Every device is going to get smarter. Above all there will be fewer human efforts. Our devices will attempt the majority of our tasks.

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