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Impact on medi industries
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COVID 19 has a consequential impact on the television,newspaper and film industry. By delaying down and shutting down shooting of different television programs all over the world.

As different countries begin to think, How to ease lockdown? Media industries are working out on how to get back to TV shows?

Different channels are hoping to create and provide new content to their customers but are failing to do so.

COVID 19 has not just disturbed the life of an on-screen actor, but the entire team. The whole process includes a big team, to work behind the project.   

The main goal of film industries either, Hollywood, Bollywood or Lollywood is to get back to the shows. But, with all the precautionary measures. 

In Australia, production resumes for the long-running shows. With the cast taking all the precautionary measures like social distancing. 

In Pakistan, few cast members of drama serial “Mera Dil Dushman” have been tested positive for coronavirus. Nida Yasir invited the cast of Mera Dil Dushman on her morning show, where there must have been a carrier. 

The television and film industry production sector needs inter-governmental, international, and regional bodies to provide vital support by taking exceptional measures.

In the mid of march, the global loss in revenue of the box office is $7 billion. The loss in March, April, and May would approximately equal $10 billion. So, the total loss to all the industries would be $17 billion.

We are unaware of the situation in the upcoming days. Whether the global industry still has to suffer or it will resume in the upcoming days.

The scenario of the Bollywood industry is the same as well. According to Vice President of Saregama, Siddharth Anand Kumar, even after the lockdown ends, there is still chances of virus being around us. Also, he says that there must be some new rules for the television and film production that will define the ways, how we shoot movies and serials in post-lockdown circumstances.   

COVID and Television and film:

Television industries nowadays are at the point of risk. The problem is that commercial channels face the biggest challenge. Most of the companies are cutting off their marketing budget, which is causing them severe loss.

Chief executive of MediaCom said that some of the clients are talking about increasing their advertising and spend more on it when the lockdown ends, but he fears that channels will run out of new programs to bring in audiences, as no shows have been made during the lockdown.”

“For at least two years we are going to see less money on the screen,” said Tom Harrington.

At least four channels had cut down their budget by a quarter to assure survival. 

The same is the case with the film industry. 

COVID and Newspaper industry:

According to the National Union of Journalists, the Government should find a way to support the newspaper industry, otherwise, the National Newspaper can close down soon.

The British newspaper industry is facing existential threats. The National Union of Journalists are warning that many newspapers will permanently close because thousands of journalists will lose their jobs. 

Many newspaper websites are seeing record-breaking readership but with little income, because most of the advertisers have cut down their revenues.

COVID 19 and Theater:

Many performances in theaters are canceled due to this pandemic. A famous theater named broadway in New York has been closed till September 2020.  Theaters of Albania, Australia, India, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and many other countries have been closed.    

Most people have shifted from newspapers and television to social media apps. 

Things toward normal:

According to UNIC (International Union of Cinema), there is a timeline in our minds to reopen the cinema but it is too early to make a decision. They will probably reopen the cinema in July, but the final decision depends upon the country. They are determined to reopen the cinema with all the precautionary measures. 

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