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Relationships and commitments bring a lot of good and bad emotions at the same time. It is a phase of life where you experience huge mix of emotions. But what bugs any individual is whether this relationship will work out or not?!This question alone is sufficient to keep you awake till dawn. However there is a way to end this question with the help of a simple analysis, particularly for women. If a woman finds his man to be doing some specific acts then he can be taken as the right one for her. And there is a huge chance that your relationship will definitely work out with this guy. These all acts starts from three main P’s. They are Protect, Profess and Present. These three Ps will assure any women that their men is really sincere and serious towards her and she has nothing to be bothered about.


What happens when men truly fall in love? They all begin to feel protective about the girl that they are in love with. This is because it is the most natural behavior expected from men. Since they are insecure deep down. This is why their insecurity pressurizes them to perceive that my girl might not be safe with her new boss, my dog might be lethal or aggressive to my sister, or my mother cant be left alone with the new neighbors. All of these thoughts let him become more possessive towards his loved ones and they begin to protect you from the people who they think are not good for you.

However if your man does not protect you or doesn’t hold your hand under unsafe circumstances then the relationship is skeptical. This might be a signal that he doesn’t consider you as someone who he truly loves or want long term relationship with. But also I suggest, if he is protective, don’t mistake his overprotective nature as healthy protective nature. His overprotective nature can put boundaries to your freedom, which for sure no women likes.


This is the second stage but, the most essential stage and pillar to any relationship. Your man is loyal to you, if he professes or claims you as his loved one. If he takes you out for dinner with his parents, takes you to friend’s weddings and if his sister/brother knows about you then he can definitely be trusted. Since men has the nature to involve people in their life, they think as their own.

The sense of belonging ness is always important amongst humans to establish a healthy and secure relationship. However if he avoids intoducing you to his siblings, co-workers, friends or parents, then it is not really a good sign. A partner is supposed to show belonging ness towards the person he considers as his and admires the most. If he is really grateful to have you and is proud of you, he won’t really hesitate to introduce you to others.


 A man madly in love likes to amaze his girl by showering love, romance and occasional gifts upon his girl. He tries expressing his feelings via communication and by presenting you with certain gestures, like holding the door open for you, putting seat belt on you, etc. If he really loves you, he will be his true self and at the same time present the best of him to you. He will appreciate you for what you are. And he will not hesitate to present you with surprises or praise you. This may include bringing you flower at times, praising your beauty and so on.

Not just this! Even if he presents his weaknesses or fear to you, he is the one. Men usually don’t like to put forward their weaknesses or fears so soon. They only do so, when they find their comfort in you. When they are comfortable with you, they start to see you as someone they want to be forever with. They will start presenting all of them to you, their love, their insecurity, their fear, their weakness and everything.

                 These three Ps have summed up a lot but it is true that every person has their own language of love. However majority of men do the above mentioned Ps if they are truly in love with you.  

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