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A successful SEO strategy requires two elements. First, excellent link building and second creative content. Apart from that, there is another element that needs to be kept in mind, that is backlinks. Backlinks or inbound links are used to connect a web site to your web page or site. They are known to be called “vote of confidence” and are the most valuable factors for SEO. When there would be high referencing, the site would get a better ranking on search engines.  Hence, creating quality content is important in order to attract backlinks.

1. Guest blog posting

Promoting content is one of the greatest parts of building a strong backlink portfolio. It is the dream of every web page creator to reach a greater number of visitors. In order to reach more visitors, one needs to create interesting content to attract a greater number of audiences possible. In some cases, it is enough to create interesting content to achieve the goal. However, in other cases, having an additional boost to get a better ranking on search engines is needed.  Guest blogging is the most successful content marketing strategy which allows broadening the audience without paying for various boosts. This strategy is very useful not only in business but also as the target blog. In this situation, they get free content that helps to increase the variety and excellence of their blog. However, you build the portfolio from your guest blog.

2. Comprehensive guides:

Online surfers try to avail every opportunity to share the content that helped them solve their problems. For that reason, many web pages post guides so that their audience may be more interested in the content. However, guides that contain the knowledge of basic things or simple tasks are not enough. To attract the viewers, one needs to provide excellent content that may be useful for attracting a greater number of audience.  For this, getting in touch with some experts to get basic tips is important.

3. Descriptive Infographics

The secret to achieving an engaging audience is not just by creating well-written content. So many marketers are using visual content to make it more attractive and interesting for the audience. The visual content is more popular these days because it conveys the message better than the plain text. Interesting infographics, for instance, are more effective than a simple plain text. Infographics not only make the content look good but also attract backlinks for business. It is because infographics are easier to read and share with friends.

4. Professional roundup articles

The best way to attract backlinks is by looking for experts to create informative and interesting resources.  Let’s take an example of Australia where bloggers use different resources to include them in one comprehensive platform. It helps them create professional articles that attract engaging audiences and backlinks for business. Hence, letting experts from different fields contribute to your content is the best way to attract viewers.

5. Conducting surveys

Conducting surveys and polls are some of the greatest things that you can do for your web page.  It engages your audience by answering the questions and taking different quizzes.  People not only entertain themselves but also share it with their friends.  Additionally, taking different surveys is an interesting source of information to improve the quality of your page.  With the help of different surveys, you can post relevant and better quality contents to upgrade your page.


Some effective strategies can help to reach to the top ranking.  Combining different marketing strategies help attract backlinks. Success cannot be achieved overnight. It needs patience. One must keep improving while keeping in mind the target audience.

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