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Immunity booster tea
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What is immunity?

Immunity of a body, is its ability to combat infections and viruses. Without immunity, an organism is an open host for viruses and bacteria. When any bacteria or virus enters into the body, our protective cells and tissues identify them and mounts attack on them. 

Everyone must be fully aware of the novel coronavirus. It’s easier to fight with this virus with the help of our immunity. Traditionally, people think the factor of aging reduces our immune system. But this is not the case. People of all age can have a strong immunity by eating well and living well.

Now, here are some tips through which you can boost your immunity to fight with any kind of diseases. But, with all standard operating procedures (SOP’s)

Sleep Well

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A good sleep is a sleep of seven to nine hours. You are less likely to become fall ill if you have a good amount of sleep on daily basis. For a healthy lifestyle, you have to sleep more than seven hours. It boosts your immunity, and also improves your productivity and concentration. According to Irish Proverb: “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” But excess of everything is not good. For a grown-up, sleeping more than nine hours may result in feeling drowsy and restless even after so much amount of sleep.


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Exercise is essential for a healthy life. It lowers your blood pressure and protects you from cardiovascular diseases. When you do exercise, your heart will be able to pump more blood throughout your body. It is found that exercise can boost your body cells, as a result, it boosts your immune system. When you do not do any exercise, your body cells are working slowly, they are unable to fight against any infection and bacteria. It is better to do some light exercise daily, as it helps your body to function properly.  All you have to do is walk for half an hour, regularly. That is sufficient enough for everyone.

Olive Oil

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Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, that helps to fight against diseases that enters our body. Also, it is a source of antioxidants. Two or three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil is sufficient enough to boost your immunity. Use any virgin olive oil in cooking rather than saturated and unsaturated fats. You can drizzle it on your salads and boiled vegetables as well. Or you can simply take one tablespoon of olive oil before going to sleep.


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Garlic contains alliin compound that helps the immune system to fight against viruses. When you chew garlic clove, alliin gets converted into allicin compound. This compound is unstable and quickly transforms into sulfur-containing compounds. Whenever the body encounters viruses, sulfur-containing compounds boost the fighting process against the disease. 

Kalonji (Black Seeds)

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Black seed is a plant. For thousands of years, black seed has been used to make medicines. Black seeds are very effective in boosting your immune system. Black seeds contain 100 components, including protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids. These are good sources to detoxify your body. No doubt, Kalonji has many health benefits but, using kalonji oil and taking it as a supplement may have risks. So it is better to have a pinch of black seeds before breakfast.


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Hydration plays an influential role in overall body functioning. Staying hydrated eliminates waste material and toxins from the body that ultimately boost immunity.

So, these were six ways that can help you to boost your immunity. For a healthy lifestyle, you have to exercise regularly, keep your body hydrated, and above all have a good sleep. 

But remember, excessive usage of black seeds, olive oil, and garlic may put your body at risk. Again I am talking about of this substances in excessive amounts only, using these things in an adequate amount will not harm you. 

Lastly, using black seeds, olive oil, and garlic are just ways to boost your immunity, not the cure for any disease. It can just strengthen the disease fighting process through boost of immune

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