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This is an extremely crucial time for human civilization across the globe, where people’s life is at stake. Companies across the world have been telling their employees to work from home due to the increasing fear and devastation that coronavirus has created globally. While lockdowns and self-isolation is helpful up to some extent. Work from home helps maintain some balance and sanity in the already crumbling global economy. But how do you adhere to the work from home schedule while there are a lot of disturbances and no professional environment around you?

Work from home‘ may sound like a super-relaxing and cool thing, but it is not really a bed of roses. Of course, you can work wearing your most comfortable clothes while sitting on the couch sipping coke or coffee. But if you don’t have a well-planned schedule, you might suffer.

Here are some of the tips which will be helpful in making you stick to ‘work from home’ in an organized way. 

Creating a regular work schedule:

This is the first step to make work from home successful. By arranging a schedule of activities at home, you can build a harmonious and efficient working environment. Although it’s fine to take short breaks (just like you do at office), but it’s not right to fall victim to procrastination. Proper working hours will ensure that both you and the organization that you work for are accountable for your work. More specifically, within the specified timeline. This will show that you are not only an active employee but also a responsible one.

Set limits for personal and professional activities:

This may be incredibly difficult for individuals who typically do not like to ‘work from home’. Between endless chit-chat and family members’ or roommates’ jibber-jabber it’s hard to be productive. Many times, friends and family seem to believe that working from home isn’t really ‘work’. They think you can do anything you like, however you like and whenever you like, since you’re not at your workplace. This is why you need to isolate yourself from every distraction during working hours and set boundaries or specified timings for professional life and personal life.

Work in an office like environment at home:

While working remotely. You’ll often get the tantalizing thought of working from your comfort zone like your bed, comfortable bean bag or couch, but don’t do it! The comfier you get, the less reluctant you’ll be to work. This will not only affect your productivity, but it will also ruin your attitude towards working from home. Therefore try working in an office like setting where your comfort is a bit restricted. A chair and a desk with everything you need arranged on it along with some personal space will just do fine.

Planned Breaks:

Working continuously also affects productivity, and no one should over do that. Breaks are a must, doesn’t really matter if you are working from home. Make sure to take a few break in between your working hours. For starters, if you work for eight hours a day, have a break every two hours for ten to fifteen minutes. You can decide to take a short walk around your house or in your garden during scheduled breaks, interact with your inmates, have a light conversation with someone over phone, enjoy munchies, listen to a song that light ups your mood, and anything else that pretty much lightens your mood.


Communication is the key almost anything. Complete your tasks on-time and during the working hours. If the need arises to communicate with the other employees or your boss, do talk to them about the matter. Its good to communicate and sort things rather than waiting for things to get sorted on it’s own.

To conclude I would say that work from home is ironically easy. Follow these simple steps, so that you can effectively balance between your professional life and personal life. This will also help you maintain an adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and an organized lifestyle.

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