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Music is unbounded by language and culture. During the time when American pop music was being considered standard and music was getting highly localized. One band from South Korea managed to change the dynamics of the music industry, setting records, challenging globally renowned artists and creating a worldwide fan base. BTS, in 2016 took over the globe with a storm and is now the biggest boy band in the world.

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BTS consisting of members Jin, J Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, first debuted in the year 2013, releasing their first music video ‘No More Dreams’. This gained them recognition across South Korea. They won their first Melon Music Award for ‘New Artist of the Year’ in the same year. Their song ‘I Need You’ brought them their first song award. In 2016 BTS became a global hit with their single ‘DNA’. They finally entered the US and performed at the American Music Awards. They were the first Korean band to have been able to do that. ‘DNA’ also managed to enter the Billboard’s top 100 list and since then BTS has not fallen down from these charts. 

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BTS has gained a total of 11 Guinness world records including the most twitter engagements. They broke former US president, Barrack Obama’s twitter record for the most number of retweets. BTS became the most googled boy band in the world in 2019. And BTS member Jungkook became the most googled K-Pop artist in the same year. Their music video ‘Boy with Luv’ holds the record for the most watched music video in 24 hours. And ‘DNA’ has finally hit 1 billion views on YouTube. In 2017 BTS won ‘top social artist‘ at the billboards awards, finally breaking Justin Bieber’s 6 year winning streak. Over the years BTS has bagged countless ‘Artist of the Year’ awards making history in both Korea and globally.


BTS managed to collaborate with the golden singers of the west like Nicki Minaj, Halsey, Sia, Lauv, Zara Larrson, Lil Nas X and many more.

The reason why BTS Army loves BTS is more than just these records. They may have become multimillion-selling superstars but BTS always managed to touch hearts and convey a message through their music. Their humility, persistence, humor and companionship is what stole the Army’s hearts. BTS became a part of some very meaningful global campaigns #EndViolence, #SpeakYourself and #LoveYourself. Their speech at the United Nations and their countless TV show appearances has proven that this band is more than just good looking singers. They leave their mark wherever they go and whoever they meet. Numerous celebrities have praised BTS not just as singers, but as big-hearted individuals as well.

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BTS keeps itself in the spotlight by releasing their albums annually and by keeping their fans engrossed by their album trilogies based on a storyline. They have a song for every mood and covering almost all genres of life rather than just romance or breakups. This is another reason we have grown to love their music. Their music videos are highly synced, coordinated, with eye catching visual and graphics. Their global fan base falls into action as soon as a new album is released or an interview is held, translating it into their native language which helps people understand and connect with their narrative. All these combined with BTS’s instinctive charm, infectious charisma, joy and positivity, they have set their global footing.


Recently BTS donated 1 million dollars to #BlackLivesMatter campaign. They also virtually spoke to the graduating batch ‘Class of 2020’ telling them to remain strong and keep going on. It is not difficult to understand why we love this boy band that has maintained their individuality, and remained unconsumed by the immense fame they have achieved.

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