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Ever wondered what you should actually eat or what
not? Ever googled calories before you begin your
meal? If any of that has happened to you then here
are some foods which are extremely low in fat content and
contains very less calories.

Fruits And Vegetables:



No wonder apple is sweet but surprisingly it has
only 67 calories, quite less than any other sweet fruit or
dessert out there.So if you are in a mood to have
something sweet and don’t want to spoil your
dieting, then this is just the ideal edible item for you.

2.Iceberg (lettuce)


There are times when we all crave for something
mild and refreshing. In a case as such, you can’t deny that
ice berg is the best choice out there instead of mojito,
soda cans or juices which are densely
filled with sugar and are immensely high in
calories. In fact ice berg has just 4 calories whereas mint
lemonade has 112 calories.So be cautious! Next time
you crave for something refreshing or chilly, iceberg(lettuce) is one
of the best options out there.




It is intensively surprising that air popped popcorns
are the most low caloried snacks out there. One can
enjoy as many of these popcorns without thinking too
much about calories. Air-popped popcorn
contains only 38 calories so its far better and legit to
opt for air popped popcorn than to choose
microwave popped popcorns which has nearly 567
calories. It is one those foods that has the least amount of calories.

4.Bread Sticks

Bread Sticks

Who does not love crusty and crispy
breadsticks. One can eat these without any hesitation,
particularly ones who are on weight loss diet plan.Infact
one small bread stick has only 16 calories so you can
eat at least two per day without any guilt. It is one of those foods, which is
tasty and does not make you compromise on your dieting plan.

Dairy and poultry:

5.Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Some people just can’t give up on cheese.These
cheesy people who are madly in love with cheese, for
such people cheese cottage is what they all need. It
will help them to persist their diet and eat cheese at
the same time. It has only 2.3 grams of fat per serving
and has only 83 calories per 100 grams which means it is
an ideal dairy product to everyone who is in the
house of dieting



They are highly rich in protein so it’s always
beneficial to have it in breakfast even if you are on
diet. Have boiled eggs rather than having omellete.This has
only 75 calories per serving.Since they are high in
protein one should obviously mark it in their diet plan

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