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Depression is not an ailment, it is psychological bound ness that does not allows one to open up. People suffering from depression describe it as a black hole full of emptiness. It’s a feeling of unhappiness, unwanted ness, loneliness, everything seems too hard, and it feels like the world is against you. You also start to feel that you are not worthy of anything at all. Depression is just like cancer, that kills you from inside, each cell of body is longing to talk, to unfold the hidden story, but your mouth can’t utter a word. It’s like your own thoughts are becoming a cage for you, and you can’t find the ultimate escape . Nothing around you seems right. Not a single thing on earth makes you happy anymore. It’s anxiety in addition, adds to the insecurities that is killing you deep down.

Depression is a real thing happening to many of us. But many of us aren’t aware of it or do not prioritize it as much as physical well being. We only recognize it when a person ultimately dies due to it, or becomes a living dead person. But not before that! Depression is not contagious, as we seem to be quite afraid to even talk about it or acknowledge it. Moreover, it’s okay if you are unhappy or depressed. You should obviously take your time to heal. Just remember nothing is impossible. And however, never let depression take over your conscience. 

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Depression isn’t quiet, it’s loud enough for everyone to hear if you want to. A depressed soul isn’t a victim. Actually the person is not sure if they would be happy again. The person keeps losing hope consequently with each progressing day and becomes more dead from inside.

Many of us ask the depressed individuals that why didn’t they come up to us, or we send them texts or posts mentioning that we are always there for them, and we are just a text or call away. But we, ourselves are so much immersed in our own happy world, luxuries and our own convenience that instead of being a carefree supporting shoulder, we make the person even more insecure about his/her mental status.

Depression, how does it even begin? It all starts with people, It starts with us pointing at anybody’s flaws, insulting them and making them feel worthless. Instead of giving a constructive criticism, some of us end up belittling people around us. Since we are ourselves so insecure, so why not bring insecurities to someone else’s life as well?!. We don’t really realize how deep our actions and words can affect someone.

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I know survival is not a piece of cake in today’s world, and at times it ultimately drives you to end your life. But before doing so just remember your mother’s smiling face, your father’s pride, your sibling’s fights and all the love that you receive from people around you. Just try to outweigh positives over negatives and try to be a brave soul. Just know that, however long the nights is, the dawn shall ultimately break.

“Never confuse a single defeat as the final defeat”.

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