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Aisha and Ahmed
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Ahmed picked up Aisha from her parent’s place, as he had dropped her before going to meet his friends.

“How was the get together?”, Aisha asked.

“It was fine. We enjoyed”, Ahmed replied.

“I am also thinking to meet my friends, Bushra and all someday”, Aisha tried sharing her plans with Ahmed.

“Why? Don’t you have a good conversation with them on calls?”, Taunted Ahmed in reference to the chat he had with Bilal previously.

“But its not the same, I want to meet them, like good old university days”, Aisha didn’t have any idea about what was going on in Ahmed’s head and she was simply trying to have a normal conversation with him.

“Oh ! What else is remaining to tell them that you cannot tell them on call?” Ahmed asked sounding pissed.

“What do you mean? Are you feeling upset over something.” asked Aisha

“No, nothing”, Ahmed said.

“Why do you feel so odd sharing anything with me now ? If anything is bothering you, you can clearly say it to me, like you used to say before”. Aisha said.

“I think we are well aware of each other now. You should know by now what bothers me and what not ?” Ahmed answered.

“What is wrong in discussing?” Aisha asked.

“Why did you discuss with Bushra that things are not going good between us. I think if you feel something is not right then you should discuss with me rather than discussing it anyone else.”, Ahmed replied

“Ahmed, I discussed with her generally. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You were not talking to me for so long, I didn’t had any idea what goes wrong every time, which upsets you. We used to be so much close and connected before. Bushra knows us very well that’s why I just had a talk with her about it. It was a random discussion, not a planned one.

“Aisha, first of all, stop living in the past! Now we are married and mature enough to understand each other without discussing. I told you earlier what is bothering me. You should focus on it. Today, you were sleeping all morning and didn’t even help mother and Aalia in the kitchen. You don’t spend time with them. Today was Sunday, you had plans to meet your parents in the evening, so at least you could have spent time with them in the morning” Ahmed said.

“Okay Ahmed I get it and I will try my best to resolve things. But you can be at least friendly with me to show some support. You look so pissed and irritated with me all the time. We had problems in our relationship even before, but we used to sort it out together. But now, why do you expect me to tackle everything all alone. Can’t we try to stay happy?” Aisha asked.

“You make me irritated. Anyways do you want to have some ice cream ?”, Ahmed asked.

“Sure”, Aisha replied.

Ahmed parked the car nearby the ice cream parlor. He ordered Aisha’s favorite flavour. Aisha was glad that she was spending time with Ahmed after so long and she promised herself that she will make every effort to make Ahmed happy.

In the morning, Aisha woke up early before Ahmed. She went to the kitchen for preparing breakfast. By the time Ahmed’s mother came in the kitchen she was almost done making omelette and tea and was toasting the bread.

“What are you doing?” Ahmed’s mother asked.

“I was preparing breakfast for everyone. I woke up early so I thought why not prepare the breakfast.”, Aisha said.

“But who will eat that much amount of omelette. Shah Sahab (Ahmed’s father) takes oatmeal and boiled eggs for his breakfast and Aalia doesn’t take breakfast. She just takes juice and Ali eats Paratha with any leftover vegetable.” Ahmed’s mother explained Aisha.

“Ohh, I am sorry. I didn’t knew. I will be careful next time.”

“Let me prepare breakfast for Shah Saheb. He is about to get up.” Saying this Ahmed’s mother opens the fridge but there were no eggs. All the eggs had been already used by Aisha for making omelette.

“Oh! No eggs are left. What am I going to give Shah Saheb”. Ahmed’s Mother said in a disappointed tone.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t knew”. Aisha apologized again.

She felt so embarrassing at the breakfast table and for the rest of the morning.

She went to her room to help Ahmed get ready.

“I thought of making breakfast today so I used eggs to make omelette and I didn’t knew who eats what so …”, Aisha was telling Ahmed, when he interrupted in between.

“Look Aisha its your domain. Try to coordinate and discuss with mother before doing anything. Don’t tell me petty matters of home.”

“Ok”, Aisha replied.

After Ahmed left, she cleaned things lying in the room and went outside where Aalia was waiting for Ali to finish the breakfast. Ali dropped Aalia everyday to her university on the way to his office.

“Getting ready for university?”, Aisha tried to chat with Aalia.

“I am ready. Just waiting for this prince to finish his breakfast”, replied Aalia teasing Ali.

“Oh Yeah! At this time of day you treat me as Prince otherwise you won’t even bother”, said Ali

“Don’t you two start again. Hurry up Ali!”, their mother scolded before they could start their silly fight.

When they both were gone, Aisha tried helping Ahmed’s mother clean the kitchen. She was there with his mother till she prepared the meal. Aisha’s Mother-in-law instructed her to cook rice in the evening when everyone will be at home.

After that she came to her room and fell asleep. She was so tired from the whole day’s work. Aisha set the alarm in her cellphone before going to sleep. She was so conscious in making efforts.

Aisha woke up with the alarm. Aalia and her mother were sitting in the main hall having tea. They offered Aisha to join. Ahmed, his brother Ali and his father came home. Aisha after sitting for a while went to the kitchen for the preparation of dinner and setting the table for dinner.

Everybody ate in a silent environment.

Aaliya was cleaning the kitchen after the dinner when Aisha came to help her but she refused to take any help from her and said that she can manage. Aisha felt bad and went to her room. Ahmed saw Aisha going to her room and Aaliya doing the chores alone. When they were going to sleep, Aisha tried to have a conversation but Ahmed gave her a cold response.

Aisha felt so bad that tears rolled from her eyes. She kept thinking that after putting so much efforts throughout the day nobody is happy with her. Mother was feeling upset with her in the morning. Aaliya had issues with her, God knows why??? And now Ahmed! She felt humiliated over and over again. Why don’t they understand that Rome wasn’t build in a day. I can’t start taking care of everything in a day. Why does everyone expect a girl to change herself, her norms, routine, habits and everything else in a day without even giving her proper time and space.

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