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Breathe: A journey between life and death
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When you are alive, it’s your life.

When you are dead, it’s a memory.

It is a journey between life and death..

It’s not just a Breath…

Breath is an emotion for some,

disguise for some,

memory with despair for some.

A Breath is never permanent..

not meant to be forever or stagnant..

Your breath is not just yours ,

You can be somebody’s Breath..

Somebody can be your breath!

For we all are someone’s reason to breathe and feel alive

it’s mine, it’s yours, it’s ours.

Breath is what keeps you and me going..

Sometimes for ourselves,

Sometimes for somebody else!

Breath! It’s a baby’s first cry

or someone’s tear when your life falls apart and you die.

Breath! it can be a sigh of relief..

or a struggle between life and death

it’s a gift to some,

A magical wonder of nature!

Breath is also a countdown

though everybody is on it

but nobody realizes it.

Everyone breathes…

Yet your breath is what gives you a chance to make your life unique!


as it syncs with your heartbeat,

it can define you and your emotions.

For one moment you can be breathing harsh due to your fears..

And then feel breathless the other moment with your unstoppable tears!

Nobody really knows about their first or the last breath.

Strange is this rule of nature! Isn’t it?

Breath is in every soul…

Yet when it leaves your body, so does your soul!

Breath can make you live in this world or take you away from this world…

So let’s make each day a beautiful one, with every passing breath.

About The Poet:

This poem is written by Darpakshi Shah. She was born in Nadiad ( Gujarat, India) and brought up in Vapi (Gujarat, India). She currently resides in Ahmadabad (Gujarat, India). The author is a lawyer by profession and a writer by passion. She writes to relax and calm herself down. She is an extrovert person, who believes in learning, earning and growing everyday. Apart from writing she also enjoys dancing and debating. She is a firm believer of “Reset and Restart your life, don’t pause!”

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