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No matter what kind of work you do, too much of responsibility, workload, and long working hours are always stressful. Everyone has their own way of reducing stress, but many people, whether business owners or employees, prefer pets to relieve their stress. Keeping pets at workplace can help a lot of people to relieve their stress and create a happy work environment.

If you are a business owner or an employee and want to take your pets with you, but there is no particular reason, then here is a pleasant news for you. Recent studies have found that companies with a pet-friendly policy tend to have a more beneficial impact than those who do not allow or own any pets at the workplace. Statistics from 2016 show that 70% of the owners in France believe that pets such as dogs and cats can bring relief to people at the workplace. Let’s discuss the physiological and psychological benefits that will make you want to take your cute furry ones to work with you.

 1-Pets Reduces Stress:


Pets are wonderful companions of all-time. They give people love and peace of mind at work. Many well-known companies, including Google and Amazon, have introduced dog-friendly policies that is beneficial to the owners and employees at the workplace. Keeping pets is a beneficial way to relieve stress at work.

No one can describe the relief that comes from seeing your loving pet climb on your lap, snuggle you, and make you laugh at its hilarious gestures. It feels like the entire day’s fatigue is gone in a moment. A recent study of 193 employees at 31 companies found that pet owners who have pets at workplace are less stressed than those who do not have pets.

2-They provide Social Support:

Pets are genuinely good and loyal when it comes to friendship. They also open the door to an alternative universe for those who don’t like to mingle up with strangers. At workplace, pets attract unfamiliar people and encourage them to talk to their owners, creating human-to-human bonds and social support. Researches have found several beneficial effects on the people who had a short-term exposure with a dog. Meeting an unfamiliar pet limits cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which provides significant social support.

3-They enhance Customer Attention:

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If your clients are pet lovers, then pets are a good key source to attract your clients. Talking to the pets and watching their funny gestures not only reduces the stress level of your clients but also makes their mood fresh and happy. It also gives the client a soft image and an accurate impression of your company. Having pets at the workplace is economically helpful because clients tend to spend or invest more money with a cheerful mood.

4-Pets Boosts Unity Among Employees:


Pets help in promoting unity at workplace. They’re a good way to start a conversation with your peers. Employees spend time with each other, which creates a calm atmosphere like a team. They share their thoughts and experiences about work. They talk to pets or talk about pets, which builds a powerful bond between peers. Many modern companies have adopted a pet-friendly policy after recognizing the research-based benefits of pets to the company and it’s employees.

5- Lower Absenteeism and Work Longer Hours: 


Another benefit of pet-friendly policy at workplace is that, the employees don’t have to worry about their pets being alone at home all day. They are less absent, and they work longer hours. They don’t have to run home to see their pets. Besides, they can take care of their food and watch them have fun while working. Allowing pets at work saves their money because they don’t have to look for daycare or walking facilities for them. Recent studies have revealed significant improvements in job retention for companies that have introduced pet-friendly policies.

6-Pets Attract Young Talent:

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The federal government’s 2015 survey showed that only 11% of the employees are young workers. Four out of five workers were over 35 years old. Young people tend to work for the company for a year or two and then they gradually resign. But allowing pets at workplace can be an impressive way to attract young talents. Pets act as stress-relieving agent. Allowing pets at workplace also shows the company’s care for its workers. Several researches have found beneficial effects on people of all ages and target groups through positive interactions between humans and animals.

7-A Healthier Work-Life Balance:

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Pets play a valuable role in maintaining a balance between work and life. They remind the employees to take a temporary break from their busy and hectic schedule. When they take the time to feed their pets, take a quick walk with them, laugh at their hilarious moves, it refreshes their minds, improves their morale, and encourages creativity. Besides, they also have a beneficial effect on human health. They help humans deal with hypertension. A recent study found that talking to a dog lowers blood pressure more effectively than it does while talking to a human.

8-Increased Productivity:

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What could be more good than keeping your pets close to you all day and being able to enjoy every lovely move they make? Pets are not only a source of improving morale but they also help in increasing the productivity of the company. Besides feeding your pets, taking them for walks or taking a break to talk to them refreshes the employee.

A study found that 45% of the working people who took breaks had less stress, had a calmer mind, felt more active, or improved their perceived effectiveness. So, if you are a business owner, always ask your employee to take breaks because it is a major key to increase productivity, which will lead to the growth of your business. And moreover, introducing pet-friendly policies at your company can enhance your employees productivity and creativity even more. A few moments with their pet is all they need!

Some Important Tips:

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After reading about these benefits, who doesn’t want to bring their four-legged friend with them at work? But no pet-policy of the company can obviously be disappointing. Try to convince your workplace authorities to introduce pet-friendly policies. After all, many companies are allowing their employees to bring their pets with them.

Also, if your company allows you to bring pets with you, but you are hesitant about how people will react to your pet. Would they be welcoming of your pet at the workplace? What will happen to those who are afraid of dogs or cats? What about people with pet allergies? Then don’t be discouraged. Here are some tips which you can use to take your pet to work, without being a concern for anyone at all.

1.Take permission from the company to bring your pet with you:

Always seek permission from your company before bringing your pet to work. Ask your peers if they are comfortable with it. If your company does not have a pet-friendly policy, then do not bring it with you as it can hamper both your job and your pet.


Focus on maintaining good hygiene to prevent diseases. Your pet should be vaccinated, clean, and healthy. Make sure your dog is ready to meet strangers.

3.Provide Proper Training:

Understand your pet’s personality and train your pet for an unfamiliar place. Barking, jumping, and messing up things around can be a hassle for both of you. So, make sure you give your pet a proper training and always try to stay close to your pet. Make sure that your pet listens to you and follows your command. You should also not forget to teach your pet to be friendly with the strangers at your workplace.

4. Provide Proper Place:

Keep pets away from people who have pet allergies. Some offices have designated cubicles for pets, but if you don’t have one in your office, then give them a comfortable and safe place to stay.

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