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The issue of animal cruelty is real and widespread because it happens to all kinds of animals in
every corner of the world. This issue is controversial, it happens when a human fails to properly
take care of an animal by own. This means that mistreating an animal considers a kind of
abuse. Each year, around one million animals are abuse because of domestic violence. And it
needs to stop.

Animal Abuse:

When it comes to Animal abuse, it refers to physical or psychological harm.
The following types of animal abuse exist:

  1. 1.Commercial Abuse: This abuse is mention to further an organization’s profits.
  2. 2.Personal Abuse: This abuse happens between a person and an animal.
    Why do people treat Animals Cruelly?
    There’s no specific reason behind animal cruelty. People abuse animals for various reasons and
    with varying levels of harm. Some acts of animal cruelty are the result of neglect about humane
    and proper care of animals. Some who are cruel to animals they don’t know how to treat them
    with law, to gain a sense of “power and control” over an animal or person. The list goes on but
    the question is how we can stop this?
    There are tremendous ways to prevent cruelty to animals, please be sure to

Ways to prevent animal abuse:

  • 1)Urge your local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, judges, and schools to take.

  • 2)Cruelty to animals seriously. People must acknowledge that abuse to any living being is unacceptable and it could endanger everyone.
  • 3)Children need to be taught to care for and
    respect animals.

  • 4) Know about and meet the needs of your pet. Don’t just concern yourself with basic needs, be a responsible pet owner.

  • 5)Communities must know the laws of safekeeping the animals.

  • 6) Educate people around you about the issue of animal cruelty. Help them mediate if you notice animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect.
  • 7) Do possible things you can to stop someone from mistreating an animal but keep yourself in danger and be on the lookout for other

  • 8) Set a good example for your children by being respectful to animals. Guide children on how to treat animals with love and consideration. Help them to grow up to become the next generation of advocates for animals.

  • 9) Also, animals have a right to live without fear or pain, and we have to respond to step in if their rights aren’t respected.

  • 10) Don’t ignore even minor acts of cruelty to animals by children or humans. Talk to the child and the child’s parents. If it is necessary to pay more attention, call a social worker.

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