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Making a film is not a surprisingly easy task. Especially when you’re excited about your film and want it to be a classic one, it only gets more untimely. We are writing down about movies that took the longest time to get released. Aside from the production time, the popularity and the importance of the films are also considered. Here is a list of movies that took the longest time to get produced. 

1. Boyhood 


It took 12 years to make this film, starting in summer 2002 and ending in October 2013. The movie director, Richard Linklater’s enchanting factor was holding the making of the film for 12 years in order to capture the growth and expansion of his heroes by using the same actors at the various stages of their lives. Thus he brought a group of actors together for a week every year for twelve years to chart Mason’s (Ellar Coltrane) life from age 6 to 18. 

2. Avatar 

It took ten years to make this movie. Director James Cameron had intended to start filming in 1997, after finishing Titanic. Aside from the time, it took ten years to produce because of the very nature of the film. James had to very patiently wait for the right technology to become accessible, which was a smart decision as well. It is one of the most popular movies.

3. The Thief and the Cobbler 

This animated film took 28 years to make! Director Richard Williams began the film in 1964, but due to the lack of funding, he filmed only some scenes at a time, leading to slow production. In 1988, after working on the successful film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Richard was able to secure funding and distribution from Warner Bros. Though, the film was ultimately handed over to someone else and was finally released in 1993.

4. Tiefland 

Director of this movie, Leni Riefenstahl’s work on the script began in 1934. However, she put it on hold, to work on the war announcement for the Nazis. Hitler later gave her permission to work on the project in 1940. Although the film kept having delay in production and moved locations because of the war. The shooting ended in 1944, and she finally released the film in 1954, having mostly negative reviews. 

5. Pakeezah 

This Bollywood movie director Kamal Amrohi took an incredible 16 years to make this movie! The working on the film began in 1956, and Amrohi wanted a colored film rather than a black-and-white one. However, the project could not start due to some technical difficulties. After the half project was finished in 1964, lead actress Meena Kumari got separated from director Kamal Amrohi. The film was put on hold for five years until fellow actors Nargis and Sunil Dutt convinced the two to get back to work for the project. The movie finally released in 1972.

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