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2020, a year full of mishaps
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Every year starts with new celebrations. We hope to receive the best from every coming year. After each new year, life usually comes back to the normal routine. But this year is going totally different, who knew that life will not be normal in 2020. I am writing this post on 9th June 2020. You should know about the date because there can be more upcoming surprises this year.

Coronavirus and Qasem Soleimani

Medical workers in protective suits tend to coronavirus patients at the intensive care unit of a hospital in Wuhan, China.
Picture Credit: China Daily via Reuters

The year 2020 started with troubles. When the threat of Coronavirus was rising, another fear was also there in the very first week. The US might have started the Third World War, when the second most important leader of Iran was killed by them. He was the General Qassim Soleimani. The Iranians answered USA, by doing a missile attack on the US base in Iraq. But the situation came under control, and we all were saved from having World War III.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Coronavirus, Volcano Eruption and Heaviest Snowfall of the Century.

After that, we are still facing one of the deadliest diseases in the history, that is Coronavirus. In the first month, it spread in almost 25 countries. More than 10,000 people were infected by it and about 213 died.

While Coronavirus kept growing, there was more to see in this year. After that, the second most active Volcano in Philippines began to erupt. By the fear of Massive explosion, 135,000 people had to leave their shelters. Also, Heaviest snowfall of the century has been witnessed in the Himalayan region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir this year. This snowfall caused death of more than 100 people.

Bushfire in Australia in Disturbed Economy.

The troubles were getting world wide. In Australia the unprecedented bush fires had burnt the area equal to the size of Greece. By this massive fire, 33 people died and more than 1 billion native animals lost their lives as well. Many species of animals including Koalas and Possums are in danger of being extinct.

As Coronavirus was not taken seriously, therefore COVID-19 spread all across the globe. Due to this many countries had to apply lockdown. Everything got shut. Schools were empty, offices were locked and factories were not in action. As a result, the economy of many countries got disturbed. Moreover, even the superpower, USA’s economy was disturbed. People from underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and India are facing major financial problems. As,many of the people work as daily wage workers.

Countries Like India and Pakistan Goes Through Economic Crisis Whereas New Zealand Shows recovery!

During lockdown, the laborers had to go through severe starvation due to lack of income. They did not have income sources to support them financially. People in Pakistan even had to beg for food. Also, in India, which is having the world’s largest lockdown, people had to go through the same. When the lockdown was applied there, a large number of people had to travel on-foot to their hometowns from cities. This caused even more increase in COVID-19 cases. Now, India has the highest number of COVID-19 cases. And Pakistan lands on 17th position. COVID-19 has killed 401,0000 people by this time. Please people, take it seriously!

China, from where COVID-19 is actually believed to have originated from, has recovered from this problem. Life there is back at its normal pace. And a good news from New Zealand says that they have not received a single case of COVID-19 since a fortnight. I Feel extremely happy for New Zealand.

The Murder Of George Floyd.

There were a few highlights from this year (2020), which were shocking to me. Also a really sad incident took place a few days back, that is the murder of George Floyd. A black was killed by a white policemen. The incident took place in Minneapolis, USA. His crime was that he gave a fake 20 dollar note to the shop keeper. He died when one of the policemen kept putting continuous pressure on his neck from his knee.
After this incident, many riots were seen on the streets of America. Many people protested for the justice of George Floyd’s murder case. Many of the protests are yet to happen. The call for justice has moved around the globe, and the protests were seen in London, Paris, Rome and Sydney. Their main voice is “Stop Racism!”.

To conclude, this wasn’t a good year so far. We are struggling, dying and just thinking about what might happen next.
Let’s wait and see.

But most importantly Stay Home! Stay safe!

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