Breathe: A journey between life and death
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Breath: A Journey Between Life & Death

When you are alive, it’s your life. When you are dead, it’s a memory. It is a journey between life and death.. It’s not just a Breath… Breath is an emotion for some, disguise for some, memory with despair for some. A Breath is never permanent.. not meant to be forever or stagnant.. Your breath is not just yours , You can be somebody’s Breath.. Somebody can be your breath! For…

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How to be productive while working from home?

This is an extremely crucial time for human civilization across the globe, where people’s life is at stake. Companies across the world have been telling their employees to work from home due to the increasing fear and devastation that coronavirus has created globally. While lockdowns and self-isolation is helpful up to some extent. Work from home helps maintain some balance and sanity in the already crumbling global economy. But how…

Immunity booster tea
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How To Boost Your Immunity?

What is immunity? Immunity of a body, is its ability to combat infections and viruses. Without immunity, an organism is an open host for viruses and bacteria. When any bacteria or virus enters into the body, our protective cells and tissues identify them and mounts attack on them.  Everyone must be fully aware of the novel coronavirus. It’s easier to fight with this virus with the help of our immunity. Traditionally, people…

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5 Movies that Took the Longest Time to get Produced

Making a film is not a surprisingly easy task. Especially when you’re excited about your film and want it to be a classic one, it only gets more untimely. We are writing down about movies that took the longest time to get released. Aside from the production time, the popularity and the importance of the films are also considered. Here is a list of movies that took the longest time…

Aisha and Ahmed
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Aisha tries making efforts (Connected Part-05)

Ahmed picked up Aisha from her parent’s place, as he had dropped her before going to meet his friends. “How was the get together?”, Aisha asked. “It was fine. We enjoyed”, Ahmed replied. “I am also thinking to meet my friends, Bushra and all someday”, Aisha tried sharing her plans with Ahmed. “Why? Don’t you have a good conversation with them on calls?”, Taunted Ahmed in reference to the chat…

Seven Planes Of Existence
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The Seven Planes of Existence

The universe or cosmos, or what we call as ‘Brahmand’ in Hindi, has its own mysteries. It comprises of various seen & unseen life forms such as plants, trees, crystals, mountains, humans, animals and all the other forms of matter & energy. Each form is a wonder in its own unique way. And when we talk about them in the terms of energy, each form has its own vibration,vibrating at a…

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Depression: ‘A Growing Concern in the Modern Societies’

Depression is not an ailment, it is psychological bound ness that does not allows one to open up. People suffering from depression describe it as a black hole full of emptiness. It’s a feeling of unhappiness, unwanted ness, loneliness, everything seems too hard, and it feels like the world is against you. You also start to feel that you are not worthy of anything at all. Depression is just like cancer,…

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Benefits of Having Pets at Workplace

No matter what kind of work you do, too much of responsibility, workload, and long working hours are always stressful. Everyone has their own way of reducing stress, but many people, whether business owners or employees, prefer pets to relieve their stress. Keeping pets at workplace can help a lot of people to relieve their stress and create a happy work environment. If you are a business owner or an…

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Psyche of the 12 moon signs

Our psyche(Soul) has been the most mysterious and interesting topic of study since like forever. Walking on the footsteps of Freud, specifically his psychoanalytic theory, I have taken his concept of three aspects of the human psyche: 1. Basic instinct or our primitive sense. 2. Ego or our interaction with the world. 3. Moral instinct or our idealistic values. Each and everyone of us has a unique pattern of thinking and…

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How BTS Took Over The Global Music Industry

Music is unbounded by language and culture. During the time when American pop music was being considered standard and music was getting highly localized. One band from South Korea managed to change the dynamics of the music industry, setting records, challenging globally renowned artists and creating a worldwide fan base. BTS, in 2016 took over the globe with a storm and is now the biggest boy band in the world.…